We SC Products, deal in manufacturing and supplying an extensive range of compound Wall, RCC Folding Wall, Godown compound wall, industrial Compound wall and the Precast Compound Wall. Our designed products are durable and are highly reliable.

Basic Design of 6 feet Prefabricated Folding Compound Wall

Vertical Concrete posts as well as horizontal planks is caste using prestress. Technology with designed concrete mix to achieve maximum durability and strength.

Prefabricated Folding Compound Wall
Flat Pane
  • Length 7 Feet [ 1800 mm ]
  • Height 1 Feet [ 300 mm ]
  • Width 2 Inch [ 50 mm ]
  • Per Set 3 PC Steel Used With Stressing System
  • Columns are 6 x 6 Inches. [ 150 x 150 mm ]
  • We Use PCC Steel With 3 mm and per columns 7 pieces.
  • With stressing system Length is depend on Customer's requirement
Prefabricated Folding Compound Wall
  • Less space is utilization:

    We need less space in compare to other compound wall.

  • Speedy installation:

    It takes few minutes to install because it is portable, so we can also change its location from one place to other place and again reinstall it.

  • Durability:

    It is durable, it has long life with function of speedy installation and portability.

  • Reinstall:

    The compound wall by RCC work with use of Coolum and Planks are also reinstall able.

  • Economy compared to conventional products:

    RCC compound wall of Columns and planks , is very much economical. Because it doesn't take much more expanses in compare to other products compound wall.

  • Varied design:

    It has varied designs.